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Blog on Hiatus, Tending to Health Needs

Four good hours in any given day is just not enough to maintain a blog presence and do what needs to be done for myself right now. As I struggle with activities of daily living, regaining muscle and strength, and doing all I can to correct nutrient deficiencies and handle my chronic autoimmune pain and mobility challenges I must shut down this space. It has been untended far too long.

Writing for me, sharing my artful journey is soul soothing, but energy taxing. Right now I must fortify my strength for the challenges ahead and fully be in self-care. I have made strides in my health since becoming totally disabled and unable to work gainfully in August of 2015. Two years later and I am struggling, but slowly making progress.

I can walk again without fear of falling so long as my cane is in hand. I am able to handle the daily headaches through quiet, and safe spaces. I became strong enough to go to the gym with assistance on the machines and continue to help my body become fitter. I’ve identified, with a great team of specialists, many of the missing puzzle pieces and we are working together to correct the imbalances.

Thanks to a PAP machine I can now breathe more freely and sleep with more consistency. Slowly, I am becoming more able but still need help every single day. In September I start an intensive Multidisciplinary Spine Therapy program which will take all my energy, strength and focus to get back to activities of daily living on my own, and being more independent.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me here, and remains in my sphere of support. I appreciate you more than you know. For now though, this blog is just one more spoon that I don’t have to give. I remember when writing was like breath, easy, fluid and joyous. I intend it be that way again. Hopefully you are still willing to listen when I am able to return.

This month I turn 48. I never imagined I would be in the place I am with my health. I intend to do everything in my power to alter this course of total disability. A long and winding path lies before me.

Be well my friends, love those near to you. Let those you care about know, and support them in their trials and triumphs. May you never have just four good hours in a day, and if you do hit that bump in the road, may you stumble but not fall, and make the most of your journey anyhow. I know I will.


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