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Crayon Batik Paper Butterfly Wreath For An Altered Place

Paper Butterfly Wreath by Lauri Crowe

Paper Butterfly Wreath by Lauri Crowe

This wreath was created for a swap at An Altered Place , which is a really cool site you should check out if you enjoy altered paper, tins, mixed media and other fun altered art projects. I’m excited to see the butterfly wreath I will receive in return, and what sorts of paper genius my partner came up with.

Now, creating the crayon batik butterflies was fun. Figuring out how to package the wreath for shipping was another matter. Jeff over at Fat Guy Pizza Pie was kind enough to sell me a 16” x 2” box for a buck so my altered butterfly wreath can fly safe. I just hope it makes it across the states to San Rafael, California okay.

If you consider creating your own altered paper butterfly wreath, our group’s inspiration was the post at this informative blog: As you can see, my path went a bit differently once I got the creative juices flowing. I enjoyed my end result though as I learned a lot in the process.

For example, I learned that I really dislike working with Beacon Decoupage Sealer, but will do it again as I really appreciate the end result that gave my butterflies a fun satiny gloss sheen. The decoupage sealer is messy, but it is also offers a very lovely finished result.

I also learned that Aleene’s Tacky Glue is still the best adhesive for tough jobs. The wrapped wire I chose to use with my paper butterfly wreath had a light waxy coating on it which made it hard to stick to. The Aleene’s dried quickly, but was repositionable and allowed me to affix most of the butterflies without any mess or having to worry about unsticking things from where I didn’t want to.

I also learned that even though it is pretty, and the process was fun for me that it is unlikely I will make another paper butterfly wreath. It was an exercise in patience and perseverance, and most of the art projects I do make are quick and messy and done within an hour or two. I’m not good at the waiting game to see a final product.


This wreath took many hours of creating crayon batik butterflies, gluing the butterflies to the book pages, cutting around the forms, sealing, gluing the paper pieces to the wreath and wrapping wire. I made the butterflies in January, and the wreath was complete today, March 4. I think that is the longest personal art project I have been involved in for some time. I didn’t work on the wreath non-stop, and it was good to know that I had it in me to wait and continue and put it aside, and work some more until I got the vision from my head to manifest in a physical creation. Now I just hope it inspires someone else to enjoy the process, and that my partner in the An Altered Place Paper Butterfly Wreath swap likes the end result too.

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