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Monday Mindset #2: Find Your Center

Monday Mindset 2 2016 Lauri Jean CroweLast week I spoke about abundance, and how it is your natural state of being. When you start believing in your abundance things start happening. Once you’ve opened yourself to abundance it starts to flow within you and toward you. Sometimes it comes to fast. You must believe that you are ready for it and know that in the midst of that storm of awesomeness that you’ve got this.

Activity is taking place. Activity is always taking place all around us. When we begin to draw energy to ourselves we need to define it or we can draw in negative as well as positive vibes. To keep abundance in a productive state we want ground, balancing energy. We want to create a calm, stable environment where we can take all that the Universe is sending us and do something with it, without feeling overwhelmed.

For me, a very powerful symbol is that of the lotus. I’ll be working with it all year. No mud, no lotus. Life is dirty, gritty and messy at times – even in the midst of abundance -sometimes because of abundance.

Remember: The abundance mindset is a place where you have unlimited possibility. External concerns are manageable because you are at peace with what’s inside you. Abundance is a place of strength and stability.

So when all that activity is taking place remember you center. Feel grounded, balanced, and calm. This is where you start. This is the difference between people who are good in a crisis and those who shatter into a million pieces. If you are able to always find that calm, stable place inside your soul then you are indeed ready to handle any situation from a place of strength. You have that strength inside you just waiting to be tapped, just like the lotus waiting to bloom; its roots deeply entrenched in the muck.

Today I task you with this Monday Mindset- Find your center. Locate the calm, stable place within and learn it so that at a moment’s notice you can activate it.

Intention for Finding Your Center:

I intend my center be calm and stable. I intend I am grounded, balanced and in tune with my creative force. I am grateful for this place of peace and strength.

Art Prompt:

Create a visual reminder of your center, your soul, your happy place. Make it about what makes you feel whole and good and grounded. Write the intention on a piece of paper, or even a sticky note you can stick in the places that challenge your peace and calm.

Perhaps you’ll want to incorporate the symbolism of the lotus if you relate to its struggle to bloom. You may just need the simple word CENTER written on a doodle pad, but keep this word in your mind today and throughout the week.

Say the intention daily. Belief is about repetition and you can change your perspective to one of calm and peace by being mindful. This week connect with your center. What is that? Say it with me now: My center is a calm, stable environment.

What Is The Monday Mindset?

Monday Mindset 2016 is a 52 week project designed to keep you in a positive head space, and reset your mental attitude before you move into the work week.

Each Monday Lauri will be sharing a visual prompt and a few thoughts on the mindset for the week. I encourage you to share what you create in the comments, as well as in the public Facebook Monday Mindset Community.

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