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Life Book Lessons 2: Lose Balance In The Moment To Gain Balance In Life

LifeBook2 2016 Lauri Jean Crowe Lose Balance In The MomentLose balance in the moment to gain balance in life. What? Aren’t we suppose to stay firm, solid and grounded to succeed? Aren’t we supposed to strive to keep the balance every single moment of our lives? Well, I thought so too for a very long time. Everything was about a conscious and carefully measured balance, order and keeping the even keel and guess what – that almost always set me up to fail. It was too rigid and unyielding. It did not allow for bending; only breaking.

I had to learn about losing my balance, quite literally, in order to learn how to live better. To remember to be in the moment. To gain my balanced life back, but in an organic, natural way instead of regimented boxes where the circles of life just don’t fit.

In December 2014 I fell ill with what the docs called influenza, “a classic case”. Well, it then turned into an ongoing chronic illness that is still with me today more than a year later. There is still no final diagnosis, and uncertainty can be unsettling. I’ve had progressive flares of my lupus, I regrew my thyroid, had severe daily headaches for four months and muscular pain and spasm episodes where I fell, legs just giving out. The list goes on and builds like a rock cairn on a grave that I shouldn’t have been in at 46 with all of my healthy living choices. Fortunately I found this awesome drink called FIT that has reversed these symptoms and I am back on a path where I can work and thrive again.

However, it wasn’t always that way and I had a very long, dark year. In the early months of 2015 I was dizzy all the time. I lost my balance, my focus, my purpose as my body failed me.  All of the issues I was having physically, and mentally had stacked up and I saw them as insurmountable. Then in December I found Fit Sticks and my life changed forever for the better.

My headaches left and have not returned after just one hour of drinking FIT. I can do a full yoga fold and touch my forehead to my knees when before I couldn’t even bend to put on my shoes. I have energy, and I have set goals and those insurmountable medical issues now seem long one bad nightmare I have finally woken from. But, it still lurks there, the fear that they could return. It has been 49 days since I have fallen, had a headache or been in severe pain. Life is good, balance is attainable.

So this week, when it came to a Life Book 2016 lesson about letting go, this piece emerged. It looks nothing like the lesson examples, but was created in the spirit of the lesson and reinforces the lesson I needed to learn most this past year while looking ahead to the future.

I encourage you to lose balance in the moment to gain balance in life. It worked for me, but hopefully your learning curve won’t be as steep, costly, and painful as mine was. Every day I stand in tree pose to remind myself that I can handle this messy thing called life. Even when I falter and wobble (which is often) I get back up and try again. With practice I will find that perfect balance and hold the pose with ease.

Think about the ways you are trying to achieve balance now and shake them up. Live more fully in the moment. Knock down your own personal rock pile. It can be refreshing, liberating and above all is strength building. So stand tall and don’t be afraid. You have the strength to handle whatever life throws at you – and so do I!

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