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Karate Whites Are Bright Again

Karate Whites Before And After.png

My son does Sanchin-Ryu twice a week at the dojo. Not only does his uniform get stinky after his 2-3 hour workouts, but it also gets sweat stained. Both my teen boys also tend to like wearing socks outside without shoes so their white bottoms are always stained with something gross. This means a lot of pre-treating normally, and often I have had to resort to bleach.

Thanks to a #Smiley360 #FreeSample I have an easier time of it with the whites now. These photos are the before and after, in cold water, no pre-treating. I just tossed the pouch into the drum of the HD washer and let it run its 25 minute short cycle. I am thrilled with the results. In the second pic I put a pair of brand new socks with the blue X on the bottom on the pile to show you just how close to fresh “off the rack white” these clothes got after a quick wash. Pretty amazing.

The “Fresh Scent” wasn’t overpowering either, which I liked. We typically avoid any kind of dyes or fillers, but this pleasant scent was light and definitely better than bleach smell reeking up the house when I have had to use it in the past. I think I found a new favorite for our whites. Really, our only whites come from socks and karate. The rest of the time we live our lives in color, and I am excited to see what these packs might do for the rest of our laundry.

Want to learn more about how you can get FREE SAMPLES from Smiley360? Check this out!

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