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Day 12: 30 Days of Selfies: Unbalanced

michele-mekel-spoon-november-12Today I feel unbalanced. Everything in my world is tipped, skewed, slanted. It is hard to remain upright. Zofran helps, but that is just a chemical crutch. Yoga helps, but today I do not have the patience that allows for lasting change. When I lie down everything spins and I feel trapped in a whirlwind. My words don’t make sense to others when to me they are slow, so slow, and precise. I will spend much of the day in bed. 

Today my son brought the mail. He knows it brings me joy. Inside: a spoon from Michele Mekel along with many other tiny treasures. This beautiful spoon, this moment of balance. It is enough. It gets me through. For a moment the scales are in perfect alignment, the chaos resides and I can breathe. It reminds me that I’ve got this.


Altered Spoon by Michele Mekel

Are you a witch? What magic have you wrought? Michele is someone I am glad to know because she is aware of her own power and embraces it, sends it out in the world with joy and abundance as a writer, healer and living teacher. It is the simple things in life that can take us from a place of imbalance to one where we have, even if just for a brief moment, an even keel. At the end of the day, it is the love that we share with one another. It is the literal, and figurative spoons that nourish us.

Some people think I am crazy. They always have. They can’t see the beauty in their imbalance, but I am able to find it. Without it, this spoon would not have come my way, Michele would not have entered my life. One less connection would have been made. The House of Altered Spoons would not have been made manifest. So, even though I am frustrated by the imbalance, the spinning, the whirling madness, I am thankful for it. I have learned to give love to what I could so easily hate, this body that challenges me daily.

My words may not make sense to you today. That’s okay. I have another spoon in reserve now. I have more patience. I can still breathe, and that means I can still wait for that lasting change.

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