Lauri Jean Crowe

Artist, Writer, Woman, Mother, Healer, Teacher, Biohacker, Gardener, Friend, Entrepreneur

NOISY #INKtober 2016

Seeking the warm honey of sleep, she could not lie down. Mud beneath her toes sent crawling sensations up her legs. Sinking feet deeper into earth, she vibrated, pulsed, fought to remain erect while melting under the pressure of wind she could not see. Eyes shut, arms crossed over humming chest she pressed out the noisy world. Senses minimized she remembered a prayer to Artemis, stilled the wild beasts within.

Hands massaged scalp, digging deeper, finding center, the buzz of life, harmony. Shaking, throbbing, pulsing, piercing, the winds whipped thoughts into dust until only pure sound remained. One by one they fell, louder, softer, softer, silence. A great emptiness wrapped her skull and she exhaled, began walking, released to lie in the sweet nectar of sleep.

One comment on “NOISY #INKtober 2016

  1. ee00ee
    November 16, 2017

    As he sat aching and semi-infirmed from injury he drew comfort in the story of the struggle of someone dear. It was no schadenfreude but rather pleasure in seeing the obvious strength, courage, poise, and success again presented by the writer. It was the clear verbal reminder of a beautiful sometimes elusive place: pure restorative sleep. It is a map to the focus and resolve to find the blank focus, perhaps of a single point of light, that leads us to that purity. May it be a regular pattern the writer awakes to the joy of realizing there just was a deep trip to that eden of sleep and dream.


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