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Thanks For Signing Up For AUEX2017

Thanks For Signing Up For AUEX2017

20-things-swapWe are so happy you decided to join us and register for the AUEX2017 Spring Equinox themed  20 Things Swap.

How it works is simple – you make 20 things, add your personal details , package it all up securely and send your beautiful bits and baubles that are evidence of your creative genius in the mail so that they arrive to Lauri Jean by deadline, and she will mix out the treasures, securely pack and track them and send you a package of 20 unique items from different artists from around the globe.

The theme of this swap is AUTUMN EQUINOX and that can be interpreted however your beautiful mind and artful hands decide to spin it. The 20 Things you create do NOT need to be all the same. While many participants do work in a series of 20, just as many will send 20 different things, sets of 4, or a random mix of creative objects that stick to theme. Trust your creative genius!

Lauri Jean must receive your items by August 15, 2017. This is the date they must be in her hands, so be sure to give ample time for postal travel. Residents outside of the USA, please note that due to the low cost of participation and the high cost of shipping, packages are not tracked once they leave the States.

Please mail your package to:

The A-Mused Tribe 20 Things
c/o Lauri Jean Crowe
5332 Cedar Lake Road
Howell, Michigan 48843

I will notify you when the package arrives via Facebook, and/or the email you provided when you registered. If you prefer a different means of contact please contact me.

Your packages of unique art treasures will be sent back to you the first week of September 2017, and I will let you know they shipped out as well as your tracking number once they hit the post.

Think this swap was a cool idea and would like to hook up with a group of artful souls who nurture each other and encourage creativity on a regular basis? Consider joining our Facebook Group The A-Mused Tribe

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